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Application Number - 29481495 - Approval Date-02-06-2014 - Title of Invention - Bicycle Handle Signaling Light.

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Proper rules and regulations for bicycle traffic define hand signals which indicate the turning intention of the rider, however these turn signals can sometimes be difficult to see, especially in low light conditions, and there is no guarantee that the motorists will understand the meaning of the arm signals. Based upon the above discussion, it is clear that there is a definite need for a device which will provide a bicycle with turn signaling capability utilizing lights, much in the same way that turn signals are implemented on motor vehicles. Therefore the object of the this invention is to create an apparatus which can be added on to nearly any bicycle as an after market modification. The apparatus is intended to provide the bicycle with turn signaling capabilities through the use of lights, thus ensuring nearby motorists are well aware of the turning intent of the rider and that the turn signals are clearly visible even in minimal light conditions. It is a further object of the present invention to be easy to install and to possess a long lasting power source such that the turn signal lights are operational with infrequent need for replacing the power source.

The photos and videos in these pages will explain the inventions safety aspects and capability.

The present invention relates generally to bicycle grips. More specifically, the present invention is a bicycle grip with integrated turning indicator light. The present invention places a turning indicator lights within a bicycle grip that can be attached to virtually any standard bicycle handlebars, thus making the bicycle much safer to ride on roads or in low light conditions.

Composite materials are ideal for housing led-lights, but I did not have the resources or machinery to make that kind of design, so I went with a rubber housing, not the cool look I was hoping for, but the design is simple, economical and functional, while making your ride more enjoyable in the knowledge you and your family are a lot safer with the new turn signals attached to your handlebars, not to mention the cool look the lights give your bike.

The led-lights are powered with a very small 12 vote A-23 battery in each grip, and will last at least a year with normal use. The toggle switches are protected with a soft rubber weather proof cap and is placed in a comfortable proximity to your fingers, to activate signals.  Just press the right or left toggle button under the grips, thus indicating the direction you want to turn,  a motorist can see your signal from any direction you may be going.

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